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We concentrate on ROI (return on investment), which is the critical component of performance marketing. Every act is measured, recorded, and analyzed compared to pre-established KPIs. The campaign results can be interpreted this way, improving performance.

The cornerstone of effective digital marketing is measurable ROI. Thus, it's crucial to track it frequently. Whatever performance optimization tool you use, allow your campaigns time to collect data. There is a huge amount of them on the market. Therefore, the more data you gather, the deep your insights will be, and the more accurately and successfully you will be able to maximize.

Our key metrics and KPIs commonly that our experts use in performance marketing:


  • CPM


CPM does not measure an action taken by viewers; it only determines the price of getting the ad shown. Some performance marketers are focusing less on CPM and more on metrics that have a concrete, action-based meaning.


  •  CPC


Cost Per Click is the amount spent each time a viewer clicks on an advertisement. The click seems more expensive but also has a considerably more significant value. Due to the viewer's activity of clicking on the ad, CPC is a better measure of engagement than CPM.

The value of the conversion is typically higher when the CPC is higher. For instance, a luxury auto manufacturer may target a much smaller audience of high-potential clients who are likely to purchase an expensive car by setting a higher CPC.


  • CPA


Cost Per Action, or CPA, assesses the effectiveness of a campaign about a specific desired activity that you want the primary audience to undertake, such as obtaining an eBook, subscribing for or subscribing to a service, making a purchase, or performing any other action. Potential customers' actions are regarded as the most significant concrete and quantifiable consequence of performance marketing, making CPA one of the critical and suitable metrics.


  • LTV


LTV is quickly gaining popularity as a metric since it helps businesses plan their overall approach with the ultimate goal of raising ROI thanks to advanced digital measurement tools. This parameter is focused on the estimated "Lifetime Value" of a specific consumer throughout their involvement with the brand. Using cutting-edge techniques like business intelligence, LTV calculates the projected spending of acquired clients based on their continuing activity.

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